Breed with a stallion in Sweden

In order to have a recorded mating with a stallion in Sweden you will need to be sure that the stallion has a license for the season. All stallions with a license are published in the stallion catalogue and that is also where you book and pay the mares fee.

In Sweden, in order to get the mare on the stallions mating record there is a so called mares fee that needs to be payed in advance. The mares fee is 1.000 SEK for unevaluated mares and 250 SEK for mares with a total evaluation or that have offspring with total evaluation registered in WorldFengur.

To book and pay the mares fee:

  1. Sign into the administrative website Hestur, using your WorldFengur username and password.
  2.  Fill in you contact information
  3. Go to ”Horselist” and add your mare to your list
    1. Type in the mares registration number (FEIF-id) and click ”Add”
  4. Go to the Stallion catalogue and choose a stallion
  5. On the bottom of the stallions page you click on the station where the stallion will be serving mares
  6. On the bottom of that page you choose your mare from your list and click on ”Proceed”
  7. Accept the terms and put the mare fee in your shopping cart
  8. Go to the Cart and pay

Now your mare will show up at the stallion supervisors list of mares and it is now possible to register the mating. Once the mating is recorded by the stallion supervisor you will see it on the first page (click on ”Hestur” in the menu at the top of the page). There you will also need to report when the mare has given birth the following year.