Breeding shows in Sweden 2019

Registration to a breedingshow in Sweden is done through our administration site Hestur

Information on how to register to a breeding show in Sweden

Following are dates and places for this years breeding shows in Sweden:

28-30 may – Margaretehof
30 may-2 june – Romme
14-15 june – Wången
26-30 june – Axevalla

18-19 july – Strömsholm
29 august-1 september – Romme

The dates are preliminary in the way that the show can end up being fewer days depending on the number of registered horses. Maximum number of horses per day is 35, so a show with 35 horses or less is a two day show (second day for the second assessment). When number of horses is between 35 and 70 the show will be three days, and 70 to 105 horses is a four day show.

Each registration accounts for one horse to the show. It is allowed to change horses but these changes need to be informed to the breeding leader in Sweden the latest a day before the show starts. When the show has started it is no longer possible to change horses. Changes of riders are always allowed.

If the horse is not fit to be shown, a refund of all but 1.000 SEK of the registration fee is possible with a valid certificate from a veterinarian.

Before registering to a breeding show:

These conditions need to be fulfilled before the horse can be registered to a show.


  • Valid EU-horse passport with a FEIF-id.
  • Proof of parentage registered in WorldFengur ( DNA)
  • Vaccinations
  • Stallions 5 – 12 years old must have results from a spavin examination registered in WorldFengur (S)
  • Working microchip.

Mares and geldings.

  • DNA analyze registered in WorldFengur
  • Valid EU-horse passport with a FEIF-id
  • Vaccinations
  • Working microchip